Willowby Australian Stock Horse Stud


panoramic view across the paddocks of Willowby Stud to mountains beyond

As long-time horse owners and trainers, we are well aware of the specific requirements for equine management and safety.

The whole property is fully fenced for safety with full mesh fences, hot wires inside each paddock perimeter, post and rail fences and full size gates. Most have a large shady tree and all have water supplied in concrete troughs.

Fenced laneway for horse transfer to and from paddocks
a securely-fastened wire paddock gate
A horse eating hay in a lush paddock bounded by low trees and bushes

There is a fully fenced laneway to ensure safe transfer of horses from and into paddocks and arenas. The property grasses are renewed annually and fully fertilised.


We offer limited horse agistment under a contract arrangement.

This service includes availability of:

  • tie up stalls,
  • wash down bay,
  • use of the round pen
  • Hay (a fee is charged for this)
  • manure removal.

Vet and farrier service is available (paid for by the client at the time of visit.)
For riding, there is a safe arena with excellent footing, available at a fee of $10 per use.
Additional services can be arranged, please call to discuss your requirements.

Overnight and Respite Care

Occasionally a horse may need pen rest or stable rest for an injury for a short period of time. This can be arranged by contacting the owners.

Regular vet attention for that care will be at the horse owner’s expense.

  • Overnight stable rest: $65 per night (includes shavings, and clean out after departure). Stable availability is limited – contact the owners before booking.
  • Stable rest: $35 per day (short term only) includes shavings, feed (at horse owner’s discretion and supply) hay, and daily cleaning out.
  • Overnight pen rest: $35 per night - limited pens. Includes hay and cleaning out. Feed at horse owner’s discretion and supply.
  • Pen rest: $15 per day – short term only. Includes hay and cleaning out. Feed at horse owner’s discretion and supply.

Short term is up to one week (Seven days)

a horse eating from a feed bucket in a stable with sawdust floor

Arena Hire

a sand-covered training arena fully fenced with wooden posts and rails

There is an outdoor 50 x 20 m arena for hire to outside clients which is fully fenced.
The surface is safe and has great footing.

There is NO LUNGEING or FREE JUMPING in the outdoor arena. No jumps are available.

  • Hourly rate: $35 per hour (casual user) or part thereof
  • For agistment horses: $10 per use

Round Pen

Lungeing is available in the round pen which is fully fenced, with a small viewing platform and an outdoor light.

This would suit a young horse, newly broken horses, nervous riders and beginner riders.

  • Hourly rate: $10 per hour (casual user) or part thereof
  • No charge for horses on agistment.
a sand-covered fully-fenced round pen for training young or newly-broken horses
a baseball cap emblazoned with Equine Bowen Therapy and jacket emblazoned with Karen Harrison hanging on a wooden gate post

Equine Bowen Therapy

Equine Bowen Therapy is a non-intrusive, non-invasive hands on treatment of horses involving remedial soft tissue therapy. It is particularly useful for soft tissue problems in the back or shoulder muscles or where there is evidence of imbalance, but there is no obvious lameness or internal complications.

Equine Bowen Therapy does not replace veterinary care. While it is useful for a wide range of both acute and chronic equine conditions, and for improving a horse's general temperament, a therapist will always advise a client / owner to seek veterinary assistance when necessary.

Karen is a qualified Equine Bowen Therapist training in Australia for 3 years, and is available for sessions either at the Willowby Stud, or at your property.

Bookings are essential.

Fee: $50 per treatment with a reduction for two or more horses.
Recommended session length is 45 minutes.
Sessions generally recur every 4 – 6 weeks depending on the response.

tie up bays and a wash down stall with hose

Show Prep

You may like to bring your horse to the property to undertake show prep if you don’t have your own facilities.

The wash down bay is available and a portable hot wash is also available to hire.

There is an external power point to trim or clip a horse.

The tie-up stalls are helpful keeping a horse still to plait manes and tails.

There is a loading ramp available making truck access safe and easy and is a straight walk into the tie up stalls.