Willowby Australian Stock Horse Stud


COVID, flu and other infections are still circulating. For the health of other participants, if you have a temperature, cough, sore throat or other symptoms of illness, please do not attend training.

Keith on Brown Deetory, Open Campdrafter
Keith on multiple Open Campdraft winner Brown Deetory

A combination of years of experience in both Australia and NZ has become the cornerstone of how we train our horses.

It’s a team experience. Karen focuses on the foundation for training, Keith focuses on the energy forward for training in many categories, including cattle events.

Our Experience

Keith has spent many years in western riding, playing polocrosse, hunting and jumping and campdrafting in Australia. He has trained all his own horses from newcomers and taking them on to open competition horses.

Ramblinvale Susie under saddle traning

Ramblinvale Susie under saddle training. Began with Australian Stock Horse events and eventually led to wins and placings in regional dressage competitions in Victoria, Australia under Cherie Edmonds (coaching)

Keith teaching an EXCA member the basics

Keith and an enthusiastic EXCA member learning the basics at a January 2020 training day

Keith teaching a BOPWRC member cattle event basics

Keith teaching a beginner BOPWRC member cattle event basics at a recent training day

Karen has spent just as long learning the craft of dressage and was extremely fortunate to have had six years of coaching in Australia with a respected Victorian coach.

Karen-riding in dressage competition
Karen and Ramblinvale Susie competing in a Victorian dressage event

Other fields are western riding, Australian Stock Horse competition and many years teaching at Pony Clubs.

Karen has trained all her own horses to Royal level in Australia, and prepared yearlings for sales at Tamworth.

Karen is also a qualified Australian Stock Horse judge.

Karen awarding a rosette to a rider and horse

Karen pins on the club day rosette award for a very happy rider at the February RWRC Club Day

'Everyone was so happy with the day you ran for us... they all want you back!'


'At our last Committee we discussed how great the training days with you both are going and how the progression of your program is going so well.'


'I came away with more tools and confidence.'

-- RWRC training day

Rotorua training day January 2020

Rotorua training day, January 2020

Our Training Methods

Our own training has been significantly influenced by Ian Francis (Australia). We do not use artificial aids to train, we do not use any other trainers’ methods, we do not ask riders - or their horses - to do more than they are comfortable doing.

What we teach riders is to ask for and receive respect from their horses in a kind and firm way, to achieve the most natural outcome for the partnership; trust, respect and obedience from the horse.

It is about building a harmonious riding relationship.